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Freight offering made easy

From freight request to offer in seconds

Streamline your incoming RFQ-process for both spot and large RFQ tenders. Automate freight spot offers and reduce the RFQ request-to-offer-time using Tenderify's unified bidding sheet and smart data mapping.

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Manage your freight offers

Manage internal rate cards and share them within your organization. Have everyone working from the last up-to-date version and track changes. Granular access control lets you control who sees what.

Automate spot enquiries

Save time in your internal sales department by automating the incoming freight spot-enquiries. By placing the webform on your site, tenderify let's your customers enter their request and automatically generate an offer based on your rate cards.

Fill out large RFQ's in less than 30'

Reduce the request-to-offer time from a multi-day job to less than 30 minutes. Tenderify lets you map incoming RFQ's to your unified bidding sheet and back. Fill-out the sheet based on your active rate cards and pricing rules.

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Rate Warhouse

Rate Warhouse

Centralize your rate cards and make them available for your organization. Enter, copy or paste data, or upload from template.

  • Centralize your rate cards
  • Create or upload from template
  • Any structure
  • Granular access control
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Spot offering

Embed our customer-request form on your website and capture all incoming spot enquiries. Set business rules to automatically generate a quotation based on your internal rate cards and business rules.

  • Capture incoming rate requests
  • Automatically generate and send a quotation to your customer
  • Link with TMS, WMS or CRM
  • Styled webform
  • embedded to your website
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Unified bidding sheet

From request to offer in less than 30 minutes! Tenderify uses self-learning algorithms to map incoming RFQ's and maps it to your unified bidding sheet. Generate your offer based on internal rate cards, pricing rules and conversions.

  • Map incoming RFQs using self-learning algorithms
  • Automatically populate and fill-out the UBS using your rate cards while respecting conversions, currency exchanges
  • Granular access control in the bidding sheet allowing business divisions to view their data
What you get

Our promise

Time Saving

Save time in your internal sales. Either by automating the time-intensive RFQ bidding or the spot-rate fullfillment process.

Reduce errors

Reduce errors while filling out bidding sheets using the build in tools and simulations. Reduce errors in spot-rate offers through automated offer generation.

Streamline processes

Track progress in open quotations and get alerts on RFQ closings and set internal approval workflows. Track your bidding success rate with integrated reports.

Granular access control

Control who in your organization gets to see what. Access control rules lets you control on a line level in bidding sheets, rate cards, customers and more.

Track adherance

Track adherence to contract for your offers versus actual shipped. Compare shipping volume per allocation bucket, set alerts and escalate.

Customer oriented

Provide agreed-upon price lists in a web portal for your customers to consult. Equipped with a cost simulator, you and your customers can simulate shipping costs any time.

Before we started using Tenderify, about half of the day-task of our internal sales was taken by replying to spot-requests. For filling-out large tenders (RFQ), we had multiple people working for several days to get from request to offer. Tenderify allowed us to eliminate repetitive tasks in our internal sales department and reduced the throughput time, freeing up team members for more value-added tasks.

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